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Would You Believe the Most American Car is a Toyota Camry?

In days gone by, American automotive brands were the prime choice for drivers who wanted to support American manufacturing jobs, but the global markets have changed dramatically since then.

The new Toyota vehicles for sale here in Portsmouth are by-and-large not imports. Most of our vehicles were assembled at one of Toyota's 10 U.S.-based manufacturing plants, with a high percentage of parts and components...

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Can Toyota Help Sort Out the Conservation Status of Species Like the Spotted Turtle?

When you live in a beautiful port city, it is easy to feel connected to environment. Many of our customers in the Portsmouth, Dover, Exeter, and Hampton area have a personal stake in keeping our rivers, ocean, and wildlife healthy.

Toyota has been working hard to reduce climate-change-causing carbon emissions for over two decades, notably helping the hybrid car rise to mainstream popularity with the Prius...

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How Toyota Researchers Made a Battery-Life Extending Breakthrough in Magnesium-Ion Technology

With the advent of Pokémon Go, the need for longer-lived batteries has never been so dire! Currently, the best battery technology we have is the lithium-ion battery, which is about twice as energy dense as a nickel-metal hydride battery. It means our new Toyota Prius can pack the same energetic punch, but give you more trunk space.

Lithium has problems, though.

Remember that day in chemistry class when your teacher dropped

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