Take Advantage of Toyota Prius Rebates in Portsmouth, NH

Now more than ever, automakers are making the transition toward more sustainable business practices, and the increased production of eco-friendly cars is proof. While other companies are busy catching up, however, there is one brand that is already ahead of the game: the Toyota Motor Company. A pioneer in the realm of green cars, its products are built with tried and true technology that keep it at the forefront of its segment. Best of all, Toyota of Portsmouth customers can save more when they buy or lease a new Toyota hybrid or electric vehicle thanks to factory and federal incentives.

Factory Incentives

As a reward for drivers who choose a hybrid or electric vehicle, Toyota is offering incentives that lower the cost of buying and leasing cars like the Toyota Prius. According to Toyota Financial Services, those who are eligible can take advantage of reduced APR rates for select models. There are also cash back offers which can save you as much as $5,000.

Federal Incentives

Toyota is not the only organization that incentivizes sustainability. Both federal and state governments provide tax credits to drivers of hybrid and electric cars purchased after 2010. Benefits vary from state to state, but the federal income tax credit can reach a maximum of $7,500. The amount you can get is contingent on the battery capacity and other factors of your vehicle.

The New Toyota Prius is a Green Car in More Ways than One

Combine factory and federal incentives, and you can potentially save thousands when you buy or lease a new Toyota electric or hybrid model. So, there is no better time to go green. If you want to save more up-front and in the long run, now is a good time to claim a vehicle like the Toyota Prius. Contact Toyota of Portsmouth to discuss ongoing deals today!

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