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James G Boyle, Dealer Principal

Jim and the boys!



Sandy Pauletti, General Manager

When it comes to the title "General Manager" thoughts may come up in your mind about the one you worked under that wasn't so pleasant.  When you are talking about Sandy you can throw all those bad thoughts away.  Sandy is a real gentleman who leads in a positive way.  He cares about everyone here and he cares about each customer.  Sandy has a real passion for Toyota of Portsmouth.  He enjoys every day and encourages each staff member to feel the same.   Sandy has come a long way in his automotive career.  Starting at the age of 16 sweeping floors at an Oldsmobile dealer, he has also worked in service departments, sales and has lead here for 17 years.  When he does have time to slip away he enjoys relaxing with his wife at some of the most beautiful camp resorts New Hampshire offers.  Stop in and say "Hi" to Sandy.  It won't take long and you'll have a new friend you wished you would have met long ago.

Todd A. Page, Assistant General Manager

This one we just can't figure out.  No photo.  Why?  Because Todd is a huge photographer.  Many weekends he and his son will be off to parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Boston, New York City and beyond. Todd captures the most spectacular photos you've ever seen.  One of these days we'll ask for a selfie and it will show up here.

David Barrett, General Sales Manager

Dave knows Toyota, he's been with the brand for over 20 years. You'll also find Dave is the kind of guy you just want to hang out with when you meet him.  And each day you'll find Dave doing just that with our customers.  Dave wants to make sure you're happy with your purchase, or the service you receive here.  He's a people guy and a problem solver.  How can you go wrong getting to know him.

Dan Sharp, Sales Manager

Dan is our go to sports guy.  You name the sport and he knows what's going on.  The latest on the Red Sox?  Patriots? Bruins? Celtics?  Just ask.  He is also a big fan of college hockey and holds a pair of season tickets for the UNH Wildcats.  As a sales manager here at Toyota of Portsmouth, Dan works hard for each and every customer and will always have his own brand of humor to add to every deal.  What's with the fireman's hat?  Ask Dan next time your in, just look for the guy with the big smile! 

Michelle Muchemore, Internet Sales Manager

Michelle works with so many of our customers.  She is one of the first contacts inside the dealership when you are shopping for a new vehicle.  Over the many years here she has handled much of the marketing and then became more involved with working with the sales team.  Her strength is helping people make the right decisions when buying.  How does she pass the time outside of work?  Two words......Netflix and knitting!

Lloyd Rosenberg, Sales Consultant

Most mornings if you are here early you'll hear our "singing salesman" Lloyd.  Every day is a great day with Lloyd around.  His laughter is always enjoyed around here by customers and fellow employees.  Lloyd is also a "longtimer" around these parts.  He knows the dealership and he knows his Toyotas.  Stop in and say "Hi" to Lloyd, you'll be glad you did.

Frank Accetta, Sales Consultant

The man of many stories.  Many about his wonderful family and the good times they have together.  And if you want to talk cars, old or new, Frank will fill you in with some great memories of old models and he knows all the latest about each new Toyota.  Did we say Frank's a good guy?  Yes, Frank's a good guy.

Connor Henderson, Sales Consultant

We like to think of Connor as "Mr. Tech".  Everyone in sales goes thru hours of training on each model, but Connor is always the first guy in the crowd to figure out how every option works before the training.  When a new car comes in we're not surprise to see Connor under the hood and inside pushing all the buttons.  Connor checks out the competition too and will tell you why Toyota is better and is more user friendly.  Got a question about a feature on your car?  Connor has the answer.

James Marshall, Sales Consultant

So how do you know when you've met Jim?  He's usually the first guy to ask: "Hey, wanna buy a car?"

Jim Belmer, Sales Consultant

Jim has been here for many years and has worked with hundreds of happy customers.  Jim will have the correct answer to any question you have about a Toyota.

Micheal Infurna, Sales Consultant

Here's a secret about Mike and please don't tell anyone, he's a board game geek.  Favorite game: Carcassone.  He gave up golf because of too much stress.  But he chills out these days by firing up the grill.  He spent many years as a cook at some fine restaurants in the Seacoast.  Grilling has become an art for Mike.  Ask him about his favorite car and he'll tell you the Prius Prime.  It's where the future is going.  There isn't a question he can't answer about the car.  Really.....come in and try to stump him!

Justin Bacon, Sales Consultant

We know what you are he related to Kevin.  The answer is yes and no......his uncle yes, the actor no.  Justin loves his trumpet.  He's been playing for 11 years now and spends 1 to 2 hours each morning before work practicing.  When he has time he'll head outdoors to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

John Fresne, Sales Consultant

John never sits down.  Probably wears out a lot of shoes.  He enjoys working with our customers  and helping them in the car buying process.  John has had a very busy life.  He loves animals, played polo, enjoys the relaxation of sailing and is a coin collector.  He did several years on Wall Street, but prefers to be on Greenleaf Avenue these days as it brings him back to his first career and his passion for cars.  The Tacoma is his favorite.



John Lightbown, Service Manager

John's one of the team of service writers here.  His job is to help you get your vehicle set up for service quickly.  He will also work with you one on one and let you know how your car is performing.  If there's an issue with any part of your vehicle, John will let you know the options to resolving the problem in the best way to keep you safe on the road.

Sarah Craig, Service Coordinator

Sarah is the friendly voice you hear when calling to set up an appointment for service.  She will take the time to help you set aa appointment that is convenient for your schedule.  Got a question about service?  Ask Sarah.

Alana Hall, Service Advisor

Alana is one of our top Service Writers, and for good reason.  She knows cars.  Alana can explain to you in terms you can understand, why regular maintenance will save you money over the life of your car.  And she's seen many Toyotas come in with hundreds of thousands of miles. If there's a safety issue she'll tell you why it needs attention.  Alana will always give you good down to earth advice without all the technical terms.  Alana loves spending time outdoors, in fact as she tells it, the perfect day is a day at the beach with her dog Wriley. When New England weather won't cooperate for a day at the beach, Alana finds herself enjoying time in the kitchen making something special for dinner.

Josh Sillsby, Service Advisor

So what's the story on Josh?  Josh loves automobiles, but you won't find him driving one that is like it was in the showroom.  Josh loves to tinker.  Whether it's an interior, the audio system, or the lights.  His car will always be much more than yours or mine. And while he's here each day Josh makes sure your car is taken care of.  Thru the whole process he works with the service tech assigned to your car.  When you leave, you know everything done to your car was done right. 

Ethan Brown, Service Advisor

Take a moment and picture yourself doing live in Germany, you are on the Autobohn, the official German term is Bundesautobahn, and you are on your motorcycle doing 180 miles per hour.  Seems the term heard most often is, "that's crazy".  Ethan is our newest Service Writer and prior to working here he spent a year in Germany and loved every minute of it.  Even on his motorcycle.  In fact, he says driving here gets kinda boring.  Ethan has spent many hours in training getting up to speed with the systems our service writers work with and he knows cars. By the way, ask him what his top speed was in a car in Germany and what the favorite beverage is for drivers there.  You won't believe it.

Geoffrey Burke, Service Advisor

34 years at Toyota of Portsmouth, but he's not counting.  He found retirement boring because he missed the customers.  Geoffry has done every job here but own the place.  And he'll keep it that way.  Most days he will help the Service Writers when someone has a day off.  But he's not afraid to wear any hat in the house when needed.  If you know him, you know what a pleasure it is to spend time with him.  At home he loves to cook, garden, and clean the house.  Sorry ladies, he's happily married.

Jamie Pigeon, Service Dispatcher

What's life bout for Jamie on the weekend?  Smokin' meats.  BBQ is king with Jamie and his custom made smoker.  When asked if the grill was worth what he paid, you get that "well of course" look from him.  Jamie spent 20 years as a Toyota Master Technician before taking on his current role.  Jamie runs a tight ship with all the service techs making sure your vehicle is fixed right the first time and it's done on time.  Next time you see him give him a smile, he'll give you a bigger smile right back.

Dave Kozler, Service Shop Forman

Someone had to be the Shop Forman and Dave got the job.  And for good reason, he's one of our best Master Toyota Technicians.  Scratch that….he is the best!  He is also a Master Diagnostic Technician.  Yup that guy, he can figure things out better than anyone.  What drives him to do this job?  He loves fixing cars.  Making them better.  We asked what he liked to do when not at work and got the same answer……fixin's cars.  And for that we give him our top "Grease Monkey" award!!!

Ken Brock, Toyota Master Technician

As you can see, Ken is right where he wants to be everyday.  And there's no repair he's afraid to take on.  He done the time to earn his credentials and take's his job very seriously.  He's also very serious about hitting the ATV trails around his home in Maine.  For Ken, it's the opportunity to explore the unknown. Not knowing what lies around the next corner. It's almost like a modern day Lewis or Clark, continually discovering uncharted territory.

Patrick Hastings, Toyota Master Technician

That's the big smile that always greets you from Patrick.  He's one of the first guys to tease the techs around him, all in good fun.  Earning his Master Toyota Technician certification is something he's serious about.  And that's an added bonus for customers who want the best for their vehicle.  Where do you find Patrick when he has some time off?  He loves to go offroad in his Jeep Wrangler.  Rocky Mountain Terrain Park in Maine is one of his favorite locations to show his buddies why his vehicle is a bit better than theirs.

Chris Farrell, Certified Toyota Technician

Chris is the guy in the shop with the biggest tool chest and the best stereo, which he'll tell you is just the loudest.  What's on?  Sports radio, no need to tell you what he enjoys about that.  Here's one of the harder decisions Chris has to make.  He loves touring on his motorcycle.  The decision is, which one of the four bikes he owns should he ride?  Most often it's the 2001 Harley Davidson Street Glide.  Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, Canada, New York and New Hampshire is where his weekends are spent.  Not the major highways, the scenic roads that New England is known for.  For Chris it's like this "Live to Ride, Ride to Live" 

Nic Kozler, Service Technician

Nic loves to drive.  Plain and simple.  Drive, Drive Drive!  Drive to Maine, drive the Kancamangus, drive to Massachusetts, Vermont, you get the idea.  And it's a family thing to do, but not all in the same car.  Quite often Nic's dad and brother follow in their own cars.  Makes you wonder if Nic would like a job delivering things, but he'll tell you he loves to work on cars and drive.  For Nic working on your car is a dream job here Toyota of Portsmouth.

Zach Benton, Service Technician

Zach is one of the coolest guys to hang out with.  He loves the hands-on  challenge that each day brings to his job.  No two cars are alike and keeping an eye on a customers vehicle to maintain its safety and running condition is important to Zach.  When he's not in the shop you'll find him hiking or on his motorcycle.  On his workbench you'll find country music keeps him going all day long.

Brett Anderson, Service Technician

There's two things Brett loves to do, watch football and spend time remodeling his house.  Ok, the second one is part of his "honey-do" list. But like most of us, remodeling never ends.  Brett has been a Toyota technician for 27 years, 14 of those years with Toyota of Portsmouth.  So if you're asking how much does he know about a Toyota, you be better to ask how much doesn't he know.  That would be a very, very short list.



David Glidden, Reconditioning Manager

Who has the cleanest car in town?  If you just bought a Toyota here, chances are David put the finishing touches on it inside and out.  David's been around for a long time doing recon and his work is amazing.  Outside of work you might find him flyfishing or enjoying a great pastry.  Two to three times a week David hits the power lines and takes a long trail run.  The trails around Willand Pond and the Gonic trails are a favorite.

Brandon Brown, Auto Detailer

What you see behind Brandon in this picture is where he enjoys being most.  Outdoors.  And hiking is his first choice of how he best enjoys the outdoors.  On the Seacoast a favorite hike is Odiorne Point with his son.  One of the most scenic hikes Brandon enjoys is Diana's Bath in North Conway.  And while he puts his time in at work, he doesn't miss a thing getting your car ready for delivery.  And no matter how busy Brandon is, he'll always take a moment to give you a smile and chat about any subject.



Ryan Kennedy, Parts Manager

Need a part for a 1995 Toyota?  Or a 2018? If Ryan doesn't have it chances are he can get it for you.  Ryan is a key player on the team here and interacts with not only customers, but communicates with other departments, and vendors in ordering, exchanging,  receiving, or issuing the parts, supplies, or tools they need.  Ryan is always up to the challenge to find you the correct part to keep your vehicle running smooth.

Jeff Burnham, Assistant Parts Manager

Did you hear about the one that got away?  Jeff has a lot of those stories indeed!  His favorite sport is fresh water fishing.  Jeff loves the battle of a monster bass at twilight on a warm summer night.  And he's also fond of finding an elusive trout to fill his creel.  Stop by for parts, but be sure to ask Jeff about the one that recently got away.....we're sure it's a whopper of a tale!!


Financial Services

Mark Sullivan, Finance Manager

Mark is the guy on your side when it comes to financing your new car.  He can help you with getting the right terms to fit your budget, he'll explain the warranties available and he just makes the whole process easy.  One of the tools that makes the finance process go faster is Docupad.  Everything is done electronically, you are in control of all decisions made and it eliminates papers flying all over.  In fact, Docupad is fun to use!  

Lauren Fite, Finance Advisor

Lauren won the "Mr. Outdoors" Award 6 years in a row.  He loves everything about being outside.  It could be a day of fishing or hunting.  A snow adventure on a nearby snowmobile trail.  And he'll take all the tranquility of a few hours in a kayak he can get.  We've heard he may ask if you want to complete your transaction outside.  Kindly tell him "No" and enjoy the comforts of being inside Toyota of Portsmouth.  



Allison Degan, Administrative Assistant

You've heard people say "I love my job!"  When you hear Allison say it, there's a lot of passion that goes with it.  She loves the fact that she gets to work with all departments and has so many different duties.  You may even catch her answering your next call.  And Allison doesn't sit still after work.  She loves to horseback ride, paddleboard, camp, and enjoy the great outdoors.  Then throw in some football and beer tasting to keep life interesting.  And she home schools her two very wonderful kids.  By now you're probably worn out just reading about all that Allison can do.  And this was only a partial list we got from her.


Building Operations

Tony Tarasiewicz, Maintenance Advisor

We have heard the question so many time:  "How do you keep your floors so clean and shiny?"  Only Tony knows the secret.  He is in charge of keeping the entire facility looking and running smoothly.  On any given day you'll find Tony cleaning floors, changing light bulbs, emptying trash, hooking up new equipment, sweeping sidewalks, mowing grass, shoveling snow, more jobs than you can imagine.  And he gets most of them done before we show up for work.  Oh, and he does it all with a smile and no complaining.  Is that normal?  Maybe he never learn that people do that.  Don't tell him. Thanks Tony for all you do!!



Mark Wiitala , Marketing Manager
603-431-6100 Ext. 203

Mark brings his 45 years of experience in Marketing and Radio to Toyota of Portsmouth. Mark is also a Radio and Television Voiceover talent for clients nationwide, and served as Production Director for over 30 years with WOKQ in Dover, New Hampshire. Mark has served with the Partnership for a Drug Free New Hampshire and has volunteered with Dover Youth to Youth since 1992.

In answering the question: "Who says so besides you?"…Mark is the recipient of 32 Golden Mike Awards for broadcast production excellence, awarded by the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters. Mark's free time is best spent landscaping at home and jet-skiing on Lake Winnipesaukee. Mark and his wife live in Deerfield with their fuzzy lop rabbit named Diva...who runs the house.

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