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If you're currently leasing a Toyota or Lexus, we invite you to return it to our dealership when your contract concludes. As a certified Toyota lease-end return center, we can create and nullify lease agreements, whether you bought a Toyota from us or you recently moved to the Portsmouth area. After we conclude your lease contract, you will have a variety of options, and we highly encourage you to lease or buy another Toyota from our House of Value. Visit our Toyota lease-end return center at Toyota of Portsmouth today; we're happily serving the Hampton and Exeter, NH areas.

What Needs To Happen Before The Lease Concludes

About a month or so prior to the conclusion of your lease, you will receive a packet in the mail from Toyota Financial Services outlining what steps must be taken to ensure a successful lease return. Among them, shoppers will be required to:

  • Calculate the total number of miles you traveled and the difference between your yearly mileage requirements- exceeding miles could result in penalties.
  • Schedule a free service appointment for a final inspection
  • Address any dents, dings, and scratches greater than acceptable wear-and-tear
  • Measure tire tread to ensure it meets proper requirements
  • Ensure all personal items are removed and that the only things that remain are all sets of keys, the owner's manual, and any additional equipment that came with the car when you leased it.

The packet you receive will outline what constitutes acceptable wear-and-tear. While some minor dents and dings might be considered innocuous, anything larger than acceptable must be addressed by a Toyota-certified body shop, such as ours in Portsmouth, NH. You should also keep in mind that financial penalties can occur from exceeding yearly mileage and attempting to conclude a lease prior to its scheduled end.

What Are Your Options?

After our service team inspects your leased Toyota, and assuming everything passes, your lease will be concluded. The lessee will then have three main options, which our finance center team will discuss with you:

  1. Lease Another Toyota: Many of our lessees see the value and convenience in leasing and prefer not to stop. Our finance team can show you your best lease rate options for that new Toyota which might have caught your attention.

  2. Buy Your Car: Whether you exceed your mileage, or you decide you want to keep the car you lease, you can choose this option, as many customers will! Talk to our finance team to determine the remaining balance on the car you leased. We can outline your best financing options, or you could choose to purchase the car outright, if the cost is manageable for you.

  3. Return Your Lease: Not many customers choose this option, but if you decide you'd rather lease from a different source, we will understand. You will be free to conclude your lease agreement and walk away, if you prefer.

Returning Vehicles Leased from Another Dealership 

Want our team to handle the paperwork and number-crunching for the concluding term agreement of a vehicle leased from another dealership? If respective outstanding payments, excess wear and use fees, excess mileage payments and other documented provisions are accounted for, then we will take this burden out of your hands for a stress-free end to this commitment. Instead, you can turn your attention back to new Toyota purchase and lease opportunities at our convenient dealer location.

Your Buying Decision When a Lease Agreement Ends

Cherish the good times spent inside of your Toyota vehicle? The conclusion of a lease agreement at Toyota of Portsmouth doesn't have to be the end. Invest in this model long-term and benefit from the perks of a higher resale value when choosing to purchase this Toyota sedan, SUV or truck outright. Our team offers lower financing rates and extended protection plans, solidifying the value of your fresh ownership outlook.

Want to learn more about our Toyota Trade-in-Center here in Portsmouth and your end-of-lease options? Give our team a call today to discuss your questions and what's currently available.

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